Why do we collect data ?

Industrial IT Systems is committed to protecting your privacy. Any information that we request which may identify you or your business will be stored in a secure and safe environment. As an ISO9001 certified company, we have all the necessary infrastructure and advanced data management systems in place to achieve this goal and ensure that we comply with the GDPR.

What data is collected ?

Personal data

Personal data is collected by Industrial IT Systems to provide the relevant services our customers have requested, such as order fulfillment, RMA requests, and Quotation requests. Personal data is only used for the necessary purpose it has been collected. For example, when a customer requests an RMA, we will only contact the customer and process the data when it is relevant to the given service. If consent has been provided, personal data may be used for marketing communication via email. These may include information about product updates, new products, and the services we offer. You can unsubscribe from these emails through the link at the bottom of the email. Or you can contact us directly.

Non-Identifiable Data:

Non-identifiable data is collected for internal reporting and analytical purposes. This data provides us an insight into how customers come to our website and how they navigate through the content. This information is then used to help improve the content and usability of the website based on our customer’s needs. This enables Industrial IT Systems to enhance the experience and the service that we provide to our customers

Where do you store our Data ?

All our customers’ data are stored on carefully selected cloud systems hosted in EU data centers.

Data Reention

We will keep our customer's data as long as it is necessary for us to provide them with our service and products.

How is data collected?

Personal data:

Personal information is collected once customers submit orders or service requests through our website when the terms and conditions/privacy policy has been agreed upon. Information is also collected when customers contact us directly, via email or telephone, regarding the services we are providing them.

Individual’s Rights

Under GDPR 2018, you have the right to be in full control of your own personal data that you have provided to us. We have taken all the necessary measurements to protect your personal data and only use it to deal with your enquires. Please be aware that we will not share or pass on your personal data to any third party under any circumstances except the following:  

1. For legal reasons where we are required to share your information with the authorities  

2. Where your requested service or product would require a third-party involvement in which we have to share your information with them in order to deal with your inquiry  

You have the right to access, change, or even request a delete of your personal information from our database. Please call us on +44 (0) 1273 731 555 if you wish to amend any of your personal data.

Who has access to the data ?

Our formal employees who have contractual obligations have access to our database merely for the purposes of dealing with customer's enquires. Our company policy restricts us to adhere to ISO9000 Quality Management procedures all the time.

At times we may share your personal data with our service providers and contractors who provide services on our behalf, or who we use to support our business. We shall ensure they obey this privacy policy and obey all legislation under GDPR

Lawful basis for processing personal data:

Under GDPR 2018, we have a lawful basis to capture, store and use your personal data to deal with your inquiry if you contact us via the following methods;  

Online – where you either submit a purchase order, request for a quotation or require any further assistance such as RMA support. You will be given an opportunity to review and agree to our privacy policy.  

E-mail or telephone – When you contact us about your inquiries, such as placing a new purchase order, requesting a quotation, or any other technical or commercial support then we will use your data to deal with your inquiry. You can find a copy of our privacy policy on our website. Equally, we can e-mail an electronic copy to you upon request.  

Our general assumption is that receiving your inquiries grants us a lawful right to use your personal data to provide the necessary services requested. Unless we are told otherwise.