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A unique e-commerce platform designed solely for Icron products.It contains all the essential technical and commercial information about Icron's OEM and branded products, as well as its patented technologies such as ExtremeUSB®.

We make the commercial aspects of the business as straightforward and transparent as possible. The ultimate aim of this platform is to provide a cost-effective and secure purchasing experience to all Icron customers to whom we give top class service from first to last. Our goal is to be a trusted and pioneering website for all USB and KVM extension inquiries.

The website is based on extremely secure and controlled platforms in the UK, so our customers can be absolutely confident that their company information is completely safe. IcronShop.com is built on full PCI compliance and has an SSL certificate.

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Icron technologies corporation

Industrial IT Systems Ltd

A globally-renowned Canadian based designer and manufacturer of high-quality USB and KVM extension solutions. Icron’s development team with over two decades of experience has positioned itself among the world’s leading experts in USB and USB + HD video extension.

Icron’s patented extension technology is built into the ExtremeUSB®. This gold-standard platform is a true plug-and-play and transparent USB extension where no software drivers are required. It also works with every major operating system including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Icron is also a member of the USB Implementer’s Forum, HDMI Adopters, InfoComm, and the Automated Imaging Association (AIA). The firm has evolved from USB 1.1/2.0 extension to KVM extension and is now leading the way with extension solutions for SuperSpeed USB 3.0 which is making a significant impact in the Machine Vision industry.

IcronShop.com is powered by Industrial IT Systems Ltd; a UK based distributor of industrial-grade computing, communication, and instrumentation solutions serving different industries worldwide. We serve the marketplace with a broad range of innovative IT solutions that can be customized, networked, and bundled for easy integration. Industrial IT Systems is an authorized distributor of Icron Technologies Corporation.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Industrial IT Systems are totally customer-orientated. Our company principles are based on absolute customer satisfaction with immediate response to all requests. Our employees are highly trained to achieve this goal and we commit all our resources to offer fit for purpose products of lasting quality with ongoing excellent service.