What is ExtremeUSB?

USB’s five-meter distance limitation may cause installation issues for applications where the host computer needs to be located away from the user (e.g. secured locations to prevent tampering, factory floors where environmental conditions may be unsafe, and medical imaging applications with exposure risks or privacy concerns). To overcome this distance limitation, Icron developed a series of patented technologies called ExtremeUSB®. Available in a variety of form factors to suit your OEM configurations, ExtremeUSB is the most robust and reliable USB extension technology available and is backed by 20 years of development with thousands of test case permutations.

Extreme USB enables USB connections to extend up to 100 meters over Cat 5e (or better cabling) and hundreds of meters over fiber optic cabling. This unique technology provides true plug and play (no driver required) without compromising on the quality of USB signals. It is also compatible with most operating systems.

Icronshop.com is a leading provider of USB Extension solutions to the trade market. It offers a streamlined customer experience with a comprehensive stock holding, worldwide shipping, and same-day-order-dispatch.

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