Raven 3124, Raven 3104 and Raven 3104 Pro X07 Firmware Release March 2022

A new firmware version X07 for all Icron Raven 31043104 Pro, and Raven 3124 USB 3-2-1 extender systems are being released from March 2022. This update is part of ongoing commitments to improve system stability and to continue to support interoperability with the widest range of USB devices and host Operating Systems.

The new firmware version X07 is NOT backward compatible with X05 and pairings of the Local extender (LEX) and Remote extender (REX) must both be operating on the same firmware.


  • Resolved issues around link training to a lower bandwidth than expected in situations where cable performance was sub-optimal
  • The system could crash if the network device cable was disconnected while in operation
  • Improved recovery when subjected to Interference on the link cable
  • Logitech cameras failing after some time
  • Logitech cameras failing to recover after a cable cycle
  • Lumens cameras failing to recover after USB Device Cycles
  • Clear One camera failed to recover after a Restart/Shutdown
  • Fix preventing camera applications to load in ChromeOS
  • Fix preventing USB-IF CV compliance from being run
  • Magwell USB capture cards would freeze after long term use
  • The system could get into an error state with Apple M1 Source Machines
  • Fix preventing Ethernet side channel from operating
  • QSYS Core 110F would fail to enumerate
  • Huddly IQ would freeze within 1 minute
  • Logitech G110 keyboard failed to function after a restart
  • Aver 540 camera would enumerate as USB 2 and not USB 3
  • Aver 540 camera would freeze after a USB Device cycle



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