Dedicated stock holding

Icron’s standard lead time is 18 weeks. This is mainly due to the complex processes involved in manufacturing their unique products.

Project managers are required to accomplish their projects within well-defined timescales. In most cases, 18 weeks’ lead time would impose delays. To assist our customers in overcoming this problem, we hold a vast range of Icron products in stock, meaning we can deliver them worldwide within two working days.

Since operates on a real-time worldwide e-commerce platform, we cannot guarantee the priority of stock allocation. The system works on a first-come-first-served basis. Our dedicated stock holding service allows you to avoid this issue and ensure the stock is available when you need it.

This means that if you are a systems integrator or a regular user of Icron products and would like guaranteed stock availability, then please apply for this service through our contact form below. Approved customers have priority in the stock allocation and this service comes at no extra cost.

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