What category cable is suitable for Icron extenders?

For Icron's Ranger CatX USB extenders, including the Ranger 2304 and Ranger 2211, we strongly recommend using Cat 5e or better cabling.

Category 5 cabling, also known as Cat5, is an older type of network cabling. Cat5 cables were made to support theoretical speeds of 10Mbps and 100Mbps.

Category 5 enhanced cabling, also known as Cat5e, is an improvement on Cat5 cabling. It was made to support 1000 Mbps “gigabit” speeds, so in theory, it is faster than Cat5.

With Icron's KVM extenders, the EL5353, and EL5363, these extend video and USB signals over Cat 5e or better cabling. However, we recommend using either Cat 6a STP or Cat 7 STP. This is because the Electrical Interference Susceptibility is lower than other versions of category cabling, which can reduce the chance of possible performance issues.

Cable Type Electrical Interference Susceptibility
Solid Core Cat 5e/6 UTP High
Solid Core Cat 5e/6 STP Moderate
Solid Core Cat 6a UTP Moderate
Solid Core Cat 6a STP Low (Recommended)

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