Icron Ranger 2304: What is new?

The Ranger 2304 is one of Icron’s latest 4 port USB 2.0 extenders which will supersede the Ranger 2204 model. With updates both to the hardware and the firmware, the Ranger 2304 benefits from improvements in design and performance.

Generally, the distance limitations of USB 2.0 cables reach a maximum of 5 metres before there is possible data loss. However, the Ranger 2304 extender will enable you to increase this distance up to 100 metres/330ft over a single Cat 5e (or better) cable. Its rugged design makes it suitable in a range of applications such as industrial control, professional audio-visual, medical device connectivity and many more.

Icron Ranger 2304 LEX & REX

While similar to the Ranger 2204, the 2304’s design changes will see improvements in performance and functionality. A main feature is its support for all USB 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0 devices. This offers flexibility at the remote extender, where across 4 ports, you can use multiple USB device types simultaneously. In addition, the Ranger 2304 now supplies up to 600mA to each USB port concurrently, an increase in power from the previous model. The USB 2.0 Ranger 2304 will also include Icron’s patented ExtremeUSB®. This provides a true plug-and-play capability and does not require the installation of any drivers or software. It is also compatible with all major operating software (Windows, OS X & Linux).

Other new features include:
- A new ASIC-based design.
- Internal USB hub change from Microchip to Cypress.
- Internal Ethernet PHY change from Broadcom to Realtek.
- The firmware revision from N07 to N09.

Ranger 2304 Application Diagram

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Icron Ranger 2304 LEX & REX (Front View) Icron Ranger 2304 LEX & REX (Front View) Icron Ranger 2304 LEX & REX (Front View)

Icron Ranger 2304


4-Port USB 2.0 100m Cat 5e Extender System

USB Type:USB 2.0